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Boschendal Gardens

The Boschendal Gardens

Besides the impressive collection of old trees on the Estate, Boschendal boasts immaculate award winning gardens that are a haven of serenity and beauty.


The Rose Garden

During restoration the internationally acclaimed rose garden was established on the eastern slopes of the grounds.  Designed by Gwen Fagan, an authority on old gardens at the Cape, the garden features many of the original roses that were cultivated at the Cape and in the East Indies. These rare and original species were often cultivated and sold at the annual ‘Boschendal Rose Sale’ that became an institution. This is still an important horticultural collection that still features some of these original flowers – inspiring in its magnificence and definitely worth a visit.


The Garden of Healing

A garden established in memory of the generations of farm labourers and their families that have lived and worked to tend and cultivate Boschendal. The garden is a celebration of these men and women who have had a hand in making Boschendal great.


The Herb Garden

All herbs as well as organic produce are specially cultivated and freshly picked to enhance the flavours and visual flair of all the restaurant specialities. For many people, Boschendal is synonymous with its herb and rose gardens, drawing visitors from around the world.

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