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What is #AnInspiredLife? An extraordinary life; a life bursting with creative energy, friends, food, beauty and inspiration. The art of wine making is akin to the art of living an inspired life. Time, energy and the pursuit of excellence go into creating a superlative vintage and also into fostering relationships that last. We invite you to be part of our Boschendal Collective by joining us in living #aninspiredlife.

Boschendal Harvest Diary Update #3

As Boschendal shifts into full-on harvest mode, we reflect on the planning that has gone into #harvest2018. We consider the number of man-hours spent to put together the extensive and impressive amount of information we have available to us. As we quickly flick from page to page – checking vineyard information, origin, yield, sugar levels, […]

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Harvest Diary Update – February 2018

As we bid January and the starting-month of harvest adieu, a recent newsletter was sent out regarding “Day Zero”. This newsletter was spread widely, to inform people that even though we are going through strenuous and difficult times regarding water shortages – you (or more specifically Capetonians affected by the crisis) will not die. Unless, […]

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